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Wearable art inspired by spirituality
Organic and grounded like the earth
Vivid and vibrant like a rainbow
Happiness and Sunshine wrapped in a fabric
This is what UDD is for me




Had it not been for UDD, my wedding day would not be as special as it was. Yuti and Atul’s love and beautiful support gave me the confidence that they were going to create something special. I knew my wedding dress was in safe hands. There were times when Yuti’s creativity left me spell-bound. She understood me and brought out the most perfect and exclusive ensemble I could wish for. One that reflected my personality, my choices and my values. At my wedding I felt the most beautiful I ever did and it would not have been possible without UDD.
Love and Hugs,




“Its difficult to put into words what UDD really means to me.
I found UDD’s page quite randomly on facebook about a year-and-a-half back and instantly fell in with what I saw. It was indeed love at first sight. Such bright colours and gorgeous bold prints I had not seen anywhere else.
I remember sending Yuti a mail immediately to enquire if the dupattas I liked were available. Her reply was prompt and before I knew it, my UDD dupattas had arrived. The sheer joy of opening the courier packet and carefully taking out what I’d ordered was unparalleled. I’ve still kept the little hand written notes that Yuti sends with every courier. They will always be special.
I remember sashaying in front of the mirror with all the dupattas and just feeling so happy. Thus began my love for UDD.
From then on, my appreciation for the brand has only gone greater and stronger. The UDD colours don’t just brighten up any outfit but instantly lift one’s mood. You’re bound to get compliments if you wear an UDD. I’ve worn it on all-important occasions including my birthday.
It is very commendable for someone who does not have a fashion background to start off with a clothing brand and make some of the best designs ever!
Whether it is the saree’s, skirts or dupattas, everything is top notch and truly unique.
When you buy an UDD you don’t just get a garment, but you take home a labour of love carefully thought off, designed and implemented by Yuti. I love the customised half sari’s that Yuti makes. They are special because she only makes one of each and you know no one else will get to have it.
UDD would not be what it is had it not been for Atul. The first thing we see on UDD’s facebook page are the pictures. Most of which are shot by Atul. His pictures are a visual treat combined with the eclectic colors of the brand. He has taken some fabulous shots of the shoots and has improved with every single shoot. It’s hard to believe that Atul is not a trained photographer.
It is this dedication, sincerity and the sheer love for what Yuti and Atul do, which reflects in UDD and makes it such a unique brand.
Yuti and Atul, I wish you both a lot of success and happiness. May UDD keep soaring greater heights. The sky is definitely not the limit! Keep shining!”
Lots of love




My UDDiction to all things vibrant, pretty, colourful and more importantly Indian began a couple of years back. I was randomly surfing Facebook when I chanced across the UDD page, needless to say I was bowled over by the bright colours and unique designs on the sarees, dupattas, skirts and bead-its and knew that I wanted to own something, if not all things UDD Needless to say, with every collection that came up, my sentiments remained while UDD kept growing, diversifying and always trying something new.
In my opinion, Yuti has a very keen eye for putting colours together and dabbling with the very many art forms present in India, more so the traditional ones that are getting diluted in our ever growing tech-crazed commercial world. With me being a newbie to the world of online shopping then, Yuti was so patient and would answer my many inquiries and made the whole order process fuss free and easy going. Before I knew it, I was already an owner of several UDD products and my pictures soon laced the UDD family album.
What began as a customer-retailer relationship grew into a friendship and I was extremely fortunate to meet the super friendly, warm and bubbly couple in the skin. Atul and Yuti aren’t just owner’s of UDD, they are free spirited, fun loving and light hearted individuals. I wish team UDD many wonderful years of colouring the world with beautiful Indian art. I am and will always be an ardent fan!




Udd is an art that is beautiful, one of a kind; a source of joy that I have grown to love; a beautiful handicraft made with undiluted love; an bond that has allowed me to meet beautiful happy people; udd will always be that ‘unique something’ that will always be part of every special moment in my life.




My love affair with Udd started almost 2 years ago, when I first spotted it in a stall at the Kala Ghoda Festival in 2012. I still remember how I felt walking into the stall, the sheer joy and excitement of seeing panels and panels of colours, bold graphics, folk art images all translated onto the most traditional element – Sarees.
That’s when I bought my first Udd.
And with every new collection that Yuti launches, my almirah bursts forth with dupattas, half sarees, cotton sarees and silk sarees – enrapturing me with her panchi, mehndi , vrindavan motifs. I love that she combines the beauty of indian textiles and the vibrancy of indian folk art making the saree look and feel younger and edgier.
My husband once asked me why I love wearing Udd so much – I replied I love happiness that’s why. As you look at the garments, you will realize what I mean – while every piece has its own unique identity, it will always wrap you with happiness.